in the future, you can modify the update model?
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Pablo Alfonso González Luengo
2018-04-12 14:21:19 UTC
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Hello to all the TexLive developers (great job). For many years I have used
this distribution and one of its biggest advantages is the update of
packages from ctan via tlmgr.

Year after year I am installing the "pretest" versions and I am assailed by
a doubt or idea that is more accurate. I mean, from my point of view (I'm
not a developer) TexLive is divided into two main components:

1. The packages published in ctan, where some are constant and others
update almost daily via tlmgr.
2. The base files of the binary / executable / script distribution such as
lua, context, xetex, pdftex, scripts, libraries which are updated once a

Then, I think, will it be possible to divide these two points to update
them independently ?, that is, to be able to constantly update base files
of the system, something like having the updated "pretest" version (like a
rolling) in the system if you as a user I decide.
In this way you could review the new implementations and remove errors (if
there are any).
Greetings to all
Karl Berry
2018-04-12 21:16:54 UTC
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Hi Pablo - I'm not sure what you're asking.

The source tree (Build/source in the repo) does get updated as the year
goes along, thanks primarily to Akira. You're free to compile it
yourself any time if you want to live on the bleeding edge. Akira also
updates the binaries in his w32tex distribution continuously.

Recently, some of the Unix binaries are also compiled on farms and so are
also available more or less any time, thanks to Mojca and Norbert.

We can't undertake to import new binaries continuously in the main
repo. You, or anyone, could set up an additional TL repo for it if
sufficiently motivated. --best, karl.
Pablo Alfonso González Luengo
2018-04-13 01:06:25 UTC
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"Hi Pablo - I'm not sure what you're asking."...
Sorry if I have not expressed myself well, English is not my strong point
(I write it thanks to google). What I ask is more like this ... every time
we install the "pre-test" version, a few gigs must be downloaded from the
network (which takes a while), of which we already have many in our
installed distribution, for example, everything related to packages and
classes, then, why not have a "tlmgr update --prestet" option?
That it will only update the necessary binaries and scripts
(/bin/x86_64-linux; /texmf-dist/scripts/ for example).
It's just an idea...
Karl Berry
2018-04-13 22:12:20 UTC
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Oh, I understand now. Yes, you are not the first person to suggest
something like this.

I haven't tried it, but I think our unofficial no-warranty-provided
upgrade procedure would also work to go from an installed tree to the
beginning of the pretest. Essentially, copy the tree, update tlmgr by
hand, then update everything else.

The split between binaries and packages isn't what matters. The updates
have to be done based on the revision numbers, there is no other way.

For one thing, because we import new Catalogue information for
everything at the beginning of each cycle, many packages will need to be
updated. But I imagine it would still save some download time to start
with a copy of the tree at your end instead of starting from scratch.
--best, karl.