new crypto options layout
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Norbert Preining
2018-04-01 00:55:06 UTC
Dear all trying the TeX Live 2018 pretest,

with the next update of the TeX Live Manager the usage of the crypto
options has changed.

The two options used till now
turned out to be difficult to explain and understand, and have been
replaced by a single option

With 'none' no verification is done (formerly --no-verify-downloads).
With 'main' (the default) verification is required for the main repo,
and if available done for subsidiary repos, but subsidiary repos
need not be signed. (formerly default options --verify-downloads
With 'all' all used repositories need to be signed (formerly

The old options are still accepted but being warned upon when set.

Please convert your setup and scripts, thanks. Please see the man page
or output of tlmgr -help (search for --verify-repo) for details.



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