"texdoc <parameter>" cannot be launched from "Start" / "Search all programs and files" dialogue box
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Philip Taylor (RHUoL)
2018-04-07 14:54:58 UTC
Over the years I have discovered that many of the commands that I used
to think needed to be launched from a CMD box or from "Start" / "Run"
can also be launched from the "Start" / "Search all programs and files"
dialogue box, but today I found my first counter-example :  "TeXdoc
<parameter>".  This results in

"Windows can't open this file:

  File: TeXOSQuery.java".

Is this something I can fix myself (by, perhaps, associating the .java
extension with an image or DLL), or is it something that can only be
fixed by a TeXdoc re-design ?  There does not appear to be a Java
executable in .../bin/win32.

Philip Taylor
Akira Kakuto
2018-04-07 21:25:46 UTC
Dear Philip,
Post by Philip Taylor (RHUoL)
File: TeXOSQuery.java".
TeXOSQuery.java is a source file in
and you can open it by your favorite text editor.