Set HAVE_ICU_BUILTIN when building HarfBuzz
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Khaled Hosny
2018-10-19 15:17:58 UTC
Hi all,

Not sure if this is the right place to send such patches, so please let
me know if I should submit it somewhere else.

TeX Live’s build system builds ICU support for HarfBuzz in the main
library and not as separate library as HarfBuzz’s own build system does
by default. When ICU support is built in, HarfBuzz wants
HAVE_ICU_BUILTIN to be defined so it knows that and makes use of such
support, otherwise HarfBuzz clients would need to call
hb_buffer_set_unicode_funcs() manually. This does not affect XeTeX as it
already does this, but it helps me with my HarfBuzz in LuaTeX


P.S. I didn’t include in this patch the changes to generated files that
result from calling reautoconf.
Karl Berry
2018-10-19 22:08:02 UTC
Hi Khaled,

Not sure if this is the right place to send such patches,

It's fine.

+++ b/libs/harfbuzz/configure.ac
+ AC_DEFINE([HAVE_ICU_BUILTIN], 1, [ICU support is not a seperate library])

Sounds good. Akira has already installed it, plus the derived changes.
Thanks! --karl