Corrected tlmgr --help
(too old to reply)
Norbert Preining
2017-10-13 15:24:31 UTC
Your corrections are incorrect:
By default, this installs only the packages without the doc and source tree. Please see --with-doc and --with-src to install doc and source tree also.

This is not true. What is installed depends on the settings in the texlive.tlpdb. you have set that to not install doc and source files, so further installs will not install it.

Please read the section about options, tlmgr option, on how to change these settings.

Dear Norbert,
Thanks for all your help.
Here is the updated help file. The change I suggest is enclosed between
a pair of xx. I did not know how else to indicate them.
Please let me know if you find the suggested change suitable and let me
know if and when you actually implement it.
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