New programs: dviout-util
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Hironobu Yamashita
2018-10-07 03:40:22 UTC

Last night I committed a new package dviout-util containing
the following programs, both of which are derived from
DVIOUT previewer on Windows. (r48839--r48848)

(Thanks Karl for useful suggestions in private communication.)
* dvispc: Correct the page-independence of DVI file
* chkdvifont: Check fonts in DVI/TFM/JFM/FONT files
- A DVI file with \special's (color, annotation etc.) is not always
page-independent; in that case, "dviselect" or "dvidvi" fails
to preserve such \special's. The program "dvispc" corrects the
DVI file to be page-independent.
- "chkdvifont" (originally named "chkfont") prints what fonts
appear in a DVI file, and also tells information about individual
TFM, VF, etc.
Travis CI tests passed, but please let me know if you have
any problems. I hope these programs will be available on TL2019.

Best regards,
Hironobu Yamashita