dvi2fax tool not working
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Hanno Böck
2017-11-22 10:54:43 UTC

For some tests with old file formats I stumbled upon the dvi2fax tool
that is part of my texlive installation (on Gentoo).

However it doesn't seem to work:
$ dvi2fax foo.dvi
Unknown device: dfaxhigh

It seems to me that this is just a frontend for dvips and is using some
parameter that dvips doesn't understand.

Is this:
* Something wrong/missing in my installation
* A bug
* A feature that was removed from dvips, but it was forgotten to remove
the command line wrapper that comes with it?
Hanno Böck

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Karl Berry
2017-11-23 00:40:05 UTC
Hi Hanno,

$ dvi2fax foo.dvi
Unknown device: dfaxhigh

I believe this error message is coming from gs, rather than dvips.
That is, your gs has been compiled without the dfaxhigh device.
gs --help will list available devices.

A dvips error would look more like this:
dvips: warning: no config file for ...
but as far as I can see, the "dfaxhigh" dvips "printer" file
(config.dfaxhigh) is still present and available.
dvi2fax does work for me.

It seems to me that this is just a frontend for dvips

A frontend for dvips ... | gs ...

If you run each command separately, you can see for sure.

Happy faxing,

P.S. Incidentally, looking at the script, I note that -lo only affects
the ghostscript device, not the dvips pseudo-printer, which remains as
dfaxhigh. That may have been an oversight on te's part, but then again,
it may not have been, as gs will probably do fine downsampling the
PostScript, and there might be Metafont errors at that low of a
resolution. So I'm inclined not to change it, for that among other reasons.